tech sales turned software engineer

After self-teaching Python, R, and Salesforce as a sales growth hack I was hooked! Then joined the #000 side as a full-stack software engineer specializing in new product builds. I love constant learning and the pure enjoyment of solving complex problems with amazing software. Let's build something good.



Javascript, ReactJS, React Native, Redux, HTML5, CSS3, Styled Components, Alexa skills


NodeJS, Postgres, SQL, Sequelize, Express, MongoDB, Hapi, Firebase, GraphQL, Python

tech sales

enterprise sales, sales operations, salesforce, onboarding/learning, sales engineering


algorithms, data structures, wireframes, API design and integration

dev ops

Google Cloud, AWS, Git, Agile Scrum, TDD, API Documentation


capable tech writer, Mizzou J-School grad

work examples

cogni screen


banking app for the gig economy

noted analytics screen

noted analytics

salesforce-powered notes app

dog runs of new york screen

dog runs of new york

interactive map of NYC's dog parks

youpohonic screen


music composition sandbox

making waves app


alexa skill for tracking news trends

DanceComp images


ballroom dance heat lists

biblio app


video learning reimagined

musings of a technologist

Dog Runs and Flying Cars

Dog runs have long been advocated by urban planners for their health effects. Allowing dogs to exercise in a pack setting reduces pet complaints from neighbors, and it gives otherwise anonymous city-dwellers a chance to socialize and build neighborhood bonds without risk or commitment. More established dog runs sometimes hold an informal weekly ‘yappy hour’ with adult beverages and conversation. Some even have their own web sites...